Groceries, garments, medicines, textiles, bakeries, stationary items or anything else - If you are thinking of opening a shop, search no more. At AlAleef, choose from the wide variety of options available exclusively for you. From showcasing designer collections to simply putting up an array of trays for groceries, we have the space for any and every kind of shop.


We have satisfied a wide range of clients in leasing, rental and buying for years. We ensure exceptional quality services to our clients. Our dedicated team will guide the clients throughout the process of property management.

Proper planning and management is required before opening a shop. Our experts will assist you in bringing new ideas to your shop. Proper floor space utilization and inventory control mechanism will bring new possibilities and opportunities for the shop owners.

If you are looking for a successful business it is very important to select and set up a shop at the right location. Comprehensive knowledge of is very important in such cases. At Al Aleef we tries to give such a solution to our clients.

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