Freehold Properties

If you think that we work only in lease/buy/rent/sell sectors, then let us assure you that freehold properties are no exceptions to us. Our strong foothold in the industry gives you the best insight to help you make a decision. Absolute ownership of a property becomes all the more delightful with AlAleef.

Freehold Properties

Need to purchase a freehold property? Al Aleef is the leading real estate company in UAE and deals with all freehold property transactions.

When you purchase a freehold property, you become the owner of the property, legally. The government won't have a compulsory land acquisition on your home. A freehold property is valuable than leasehold property. There is a lot of benefits in purchasing a freehold property in most cities. A freehold property owner has all legal rights to sell, transfer and renovate the property. It increases the responsibility of the owner.

For all your freehold property related queries, call Al Aleef. We handle all types of freehold property transactions and assist you with all property related queries.

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